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    What If You Had
    Known that Customer
    Was About to Leave?

    ThinkCX proactively identifies churners for more effective upstream retention.

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    Know in Advance
    Which Customers Are
    Upsell Opportunities

    Get out in front of the wave with predictive customer insights that increase ARPU.

Predictive Customer Intelligence

Imagine knowing days, weeks, or even months in advance when one of your customers is ready to buy, switch or cancel!





ThinkCX's advanced social intelligence solutions monitor the digital signals given off by your individual customers, and notify you well in advance of impending crisis or opportunity.

How It Works

Patent-pending technology that's easy to set up and configure


Connect Social Profiles

Our Social Intelligence Engine locates your customers' public social profiles and displays relevant insights from profile data


Switch On Listen Mode

The Engine monitors each public profile associated with your customers for relevant hints and clues, in real time


Configure Notifications

Use your own business rules and goals to configure the types of proactive notifications you wish to receive



Notifications are routed to the designated resource for "in-the-moment" attention, or passed to your own analysis engine.

What Makes Us Unique

The relevance of the tweet; "Service is down again. So frustrated!" depends on whether it comes from your customer or from some random account. Most social media listening solutions would filter this one out as non-specific and non-attributable, because they're looking for mentions of your brand across the broader social universe. But ThinkCX specifically monitors your customers, and so when we find a comment like this, we flag it as highly relevant - and highly actionable.

Every customer has a story to tell about their interaction with your service. Other social media listening tools only react for you when a story reaches crisis status. But ThinkCX takes a completely different approach. We proactively monitor each entry in your customer's story, in real time. We look for key actionable inflection points, such as a service let-down, a subtle criticism of your service, a graduation, or a new job. You benefit by attacking churn before it happens, and by knowing the moment your customers experience life events in their story that signal upsell or nextsell opportunities.

Our Solutions

For Marketing Teams
For Social Media Teams
For Customer Care

Flexible Deployment Options

Standalone easy on

Use our standalone UI and get instant access to the benefits you want

Bolt-on to your existing platform

Attach our modified UI to your existing CRM or social monitoring platform

Integrated developer api

Integrate our data directly into your application for a seamless agent experience

ThinkCX Social Intelligence Solutions

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