ThinkCX Wins SPIFFY Award from the Telecom Council

At the Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) Summit 2016, ThinkCX was honored to accept the SPIFFY Graham Bell Award. After presenting the churn prediction and analytics solution alongside over 100 other early stage companies, ThinkCX was one of five nominees for the Graham Bell award. ThinkCX gives special thanks to the Telecom Council and everyone involved in the organization and facilitation of the TC3 Summit, as well as all of the members of the Service Provider Innovation Forum for selecting ThinkCX’s technology.

“The Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solutions: Telecom is about helping people communicate, historically that has meant connecting one with another, but now it can mean connecting many with many, or connecting people to machines. This award recognizes the company that advanced the noble cause of improving telecommunications.”

The Graham Bell Award is one of seven SPIFFY awards handed over to the most outstanding startups, recognizing these businesses for their engineering, disruption, innovation, or other specialties. The SPIFFYs themselves are named after the Service Provider Innovation Forum, whose members deliberate and select the recipients of the various awards. After the nominees were selected, the winners were announced during the summit, which was attended by thousands of industry professionals and representatives from over 50 service providers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and Rogers.

“Congratulations to the 2016 SPIFFY winners for their forward thinking and impact on the communications industry this year. We also commend the operators for their ongoing commitment to working with startups to improve communications networks and services.”
– Liz Kerton, President of the Telecom Council

About ThinkCX

ThinkCX Technologies Inc. (“ThinkCX”) is a predictive analytics company that uses machine learning to help companies optimize the lifetime value of their subscription based or recurring-billing customers. ThinkCX finds consumers who switch their carrier and constructs a churn report for those individuals. ThinkCX then performs a detailed analysis of the report, and provides proactive insights to the brand that lead to a better customer experience.

About Telecom Council

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