ThinkCX Releases Toronto ISP Market Share Data
ThinkCX leverages proprietary market intelligence technologies to determine and display market share insights for the Canadian residential ISP industry.
25.5% Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Buyers Are Former iPhone Users
Apple has been the dominant US market brand for many years, but a ThinkCX smartphone market study has produced data that suggests that the top-rated Samsung devices may be winning a significant share of the …
Improving Traditional Models of Churn Prediction
There is little doubt that customer churn is a significant issue in the telecom industry, particularly in mature markets where product penetration is very high and there is a declining pool of available customers who …
The Financial Case for Reducing Churn
As new customer acquisition opportunities decline, the importance of retaining existing customers increases. However, the development of effective retention strategies is becoming more challenging for brands in the communications sector.
ThinkCX Wins SPIFFY Award from the Telecom Council
The Graham Bell Award is one of seven SPIFFY awards handed over to the most outstanding startups, recognizing these businesses for their engineering, disruption, innovation, or other specialties.
ThinkCX Raises $1 Million Series Seed Financing
ThinkCX, the telecom churn prediction company that is changing the Advanced and Predictive Analytics landscape, has raised $1 million in a Series Seed round led by Vancouver Founder Fund (VFF) with the participation of various …