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Reveal the identities of more than half of your unknown posters

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Knock Knock. Who's There?

It's no joke when your social media team spends way too much time sleuthing anonymous social posts. ThinkCX automates the identification of otherwise un-attributable posts.

The Secret Art Of Handle Identification

An experienced social agent employs cunning and craft to ID hard-to-attribute posts in 5 -15 minutes. Success rates vary.

ThinkCX uses APIs and reverse lookups to ID more than half of unknown posters, and in less than 30 seconds. Only, we don't yell
"Got him!" each time we find a tough one.

Free Test Drive

Contact us today and get 100 trial searches at no charge!

Batch Load Alternative

Interested in obtaining social insights about your customers, but without making the commitment to an ongoing solution?

As an alternative, ThinkCX offers a one-time Customer Intelligence Report that locates and analyzes your customers' social media profiles – the perfect first step in getting your social marketing and segmenting up to speed!