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ThinkCX helps you predict both churn and upsell opportunities

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Proactive Churn Management

Augment your internal churn prediction processes with a proactive early detection system driven by
advanced social media analytics.

The Predictive Nature of Social

You're already thoroughly familiar with the economics of existing customers vs new acquisitions, and you likely began mining your internal data systems years ago to predict churn. But there's a new and rising river of external data that should be flowing into your predictive analytics machine – a source that comes straight from your customers' fingertips!

ThinkCX establishes the connection between your customers and their social media profiles, and then keeps an ear to the ground for their rumblings of discontent. We proactively and intelligently analyze their public posts for subtle indications that individual customers are engaging with your competitors, shopping around, or expressing dissatisfaction. We notify you when a specific customer signal trips the wire, and enable you to proactively take action before a crisis occurs.

Early intervention is more effective and less costly

"Consumer attitudes take shape through a series of episodes, and after a few negative ones, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to intervene successfully" (Bain & Company, 2014)

One Solution. Two Benefits.

There are actually two ways to save with a ThinkCX Retention solution:

  1. Early intervention improves your save rate
  2. Early intervention decreases average cost of retention incentives

Higher Save Rate earlier warnings make for easier saves

ThinkCX serves up early, actionable warnings for your Retention Team when your customers send attrition signals. The earlier the intervention, the higher your save rate.

Lower Incentive Costs maintain your ARPU

The cost of retention incentives decreases when you make your offer well in advance of receiving the customer's cancellation call. Your relationship with that customer stays healthier, too.

But The Benefits Extend Beyond Churn Reduction…

The same ThinkCX algorithm that drives predictive churn can also be configured to send out Upsell Notifications

While monitoring your existing customers for churn signals, ThinkCX also finds and flags important events in their lives that enable you to reach out to them with perfect timing for a plan or hardware upgrade.

Life-stage marketing

Your best marketing strategy is being able to extend a timely and relevant offer. ThinkCX enables service providers to advance the right offer at the right time, triggered by the key life-stage events and milestones that your customers are experiencing along the road of life.



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Receive notifications when your customers experience life-stage events that represent key relationship or selling opportunities

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upsell notifications

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Batch Load Alternative

Interested in obtaining social insights about your customers, but without making the commitment to an ongoing solution?

As an alternative, ThinkCX offers a one-time Customer Intelligence Report that locates and analyzes your customers' social media profiles – the perfect first step in getting your social marketing and segmenting up to speed!