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Your Customer Care gets better when you add Social Intelligence

From Customer to Raving Fan, In One Call

When your customer calls for service or support, ThinkCX finds and analyzes their social signals, providing better insights, fantastic follow-up options, and the chance to create a raving fan.

Transform Your Call Center Into A Marketing Machine

The 4 benefits of a real-time insights display right in your customer's CRM record;

1 Enhance Your CRM

ThinkCX brings your existing CRM into the 21st century. We deliver real time, critical insights and analysis directly into relevant CRM pages.

2 Segment Your Customers

Not all customers are equal! ThinkCX reveals your Advocates, Detractors, and Influencers – all in real time.

3 View Relevant Posts

We comb through kazillions of social posts and filter out the noise, displaying only situationally relevant posts authored by your customers.

4 Optimize Follow-Up

Your agents receive recommendations for automated follow-up customer activities based on our insights, your rules, and their preferences.

The Value of Social Insights In Customer Care

The emerging focus on Customer Experience as the primary battlefield for market leadership means that it is now more critical than ever to have total visibility of the customer's journey with your product or service. That includes the millions of social media interactions between your customers and your brand (and your competitors' brands as well).

ThinkCX locates, filters, and analyzes all those social interactions, but displays only the relevant data for your Customer Care agents. That way, whether its Billing or Tech Support, your agents know as they pick up the call, whether that caller is a fan, a follower, a flight risk, or an influencer. And while knowing is great, its not nearly enough…so ThinkCX also provides automated Wow! activities that produce measurable reputation and marketing benefits aligned with your business rules and objectives.

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