Batch Load Solutions

Enrich your customer or prospect list with key social insights

ThinkCX's Customer Intelligence Report is a one-time batch load of your customer or prospect list into our Social Intelligence Engine. The output is a report that answers questions such as; "Which social media channels are most frequented by my prospects?", and "Who are my top 10% socially influential customers?", or "Which of my customers are engaging with my competitors on social media?"

For just pennies per contact, ThinkCX will provide a detailed analysis of the social media activity of your customers and prospects, at both an aggregated and individual level.

Aggregated Data

The Report aggregates and summarizes key social data points for your contact group, such as

  • Ranking of most popular social sites used by your contacts
  • How many of your contacts can be found on each social site
  • Age and Gender breakdowns
  • Location distribution by Country, State, Province
  • How many of your contacts are following you and your competitors

The Report is delivered as an Excel file, so you can sort, filter, create custom reports, and import the data into other applications.

Individual Data

The Report also displays social information (what we call the "social graph") for each individual contact in your list that we can locate on social platforms.

  • Links to social profiles found for each contact
  • Profile photo
  • Influence indicators and scoring
  • Whether they are following you or your competitors
  • Location data
  • Job data (Company and Title) where available

Your Data is Confidential And Protected

Hundreds of companies in over 30 countries have trusted ThinkCX to perform Social Intelligence analytics. Our commitment to you is simple: we will never sell, rent, or lease your customer data. Digital files that you submit to us will be deleted immediately after processing is complete.

For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Free Trial Run. Value Pricing.

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Pricing for full reports is just pennies per record!

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