About Us

And Our Passion For The Predictive Properties Of Social Analytics


The Founders

Aaron Nielsen

Aaron is a 17-year industry veteran with an MBA in Finance and a well-earned reputation for driving technical innovation. He has founded ventures such as Agentix Solutions (acquired 2003) and BlueRealm Solutions (acquired 2006), and developed innovative solutions for brands like Best Buy and Amazon.com.

Ron Smouter

Ron has 14 years of tech industry experience, in both sales and marketing. He has sold into C- and VP-level customers in large organizations such as Walmart and Best Buy. His MBA in Services Management has proved foundational in building both sales and customer service teams.

Supporting Cast

The founding team and employees at ThinkCX are supported by a highly capable and experienced Council of Advisors with deep technology experience and skills honed at industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, Dell and Boston Consulting Group.

ThinkCX also benefits from a close relationship with Ryerson University, where a team of researchers are working with us on advancing the science of predictive analysis to the highest degree possible.